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Treatment for substance use disorders takes many forms. Helping individuals prepare for long-term recovery success includes options such as addiction therapy programs. 

Life skills training for substance abuse strengthens an individual’s ability to adapt to the challenges of daily life. For more information about how addiction therapy programs can help improve everyday life, call Vertava Health Ohio today at 844.954.1771.

What is Life Skills Training for Addiction Recovery?life skills training program ohio

Not everyone is familiar with life skills training for substance abuse, or the benefits a life skills program has to offer. In fact, most people develop the necessary psychological and social support to navigate life’s normal ups and downs. 

However, individuals with mental health concerns, such as a substance use disorder may not have had the opportunity to develop these skills. Moreover, they may not have developed a set of life skills suited for survival in a dysfunctional environment.

It is not unusual for adults in recovery to lack the types of day-to-day competencies others take for granted. This creates a problem while trying to maintain sobriety. 

Life skills training for addiction recovery empowers individuals to make healthy choices and strengthen their sobriety practices once formal treatment has ended.

Four Ways Life Skills Training Can Help

Life skills training addresses cognitive, personal, and interpersonal skills. It helps people learn how to make better decisions, manage their own behavior, and communicate more effectively with others.

1. Employment Coaching

People who are newly in recovery may have spent an extended period of time unemployed. Employment coaching is an integral part of becoming fully independent. 

During employment coaching, participants can learn employment-based skills such as how to:

  • Write an effective resume
  • Use local resources to find a job
  • Conduct themselves during an interview

Finding employment is an important step in building a self-sufficient life. Life skills training helps recovery patients confidently pursue their career goals.

2. Money Management

When people who suffer from a substance use disorder are active in their addiction, most, if not all, of their money may be used to buy drugs or alcohol and a few basic necessities. They may need to learn or re-learn the skills that are necessary to prioritize and pay rent, utilities, food, and other bills. 

Life skills programs teach recovery patients not only how to manage their day-to-day expenses but also how to save, budget, and invest to create a more financially stable future.

3. Interpersonal Skills

One of the most satisfying parts of recovery is re-establishing relationships with friends and family members who may have become estranged due to substance use. 

Life skills training teaches the effective communication skills an individual may need to build healthy relationships and maintain the boundaries that are vital for sobriety. In addition, patients can learn new strategies and coping skills for dealing with everyday stressors that could trigger a relapse.

4. Enjoying Life

Even the ability to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol is a skill that can be learned. 

When a person enters addiction treatment, it’s normal to feel like all of their “good times” are over. In reality, the opposite is true. Life skills training emphasizes the importance of pursuing hobbies and interests that help patients build a more meaningful life. 

Activities like cooking, learning how to play a musical instrument, or participating in team sports might have taken a back seat to addiction, but with the proper support and coaching, these kinds of hobbies can be enjoyed once again.

Find a Life Skills Training Program in Ohio at Vertava Health Ohio

At Vertava Health Ohio, we understand that addiction recovery is a whole-person experience. Life skills training is a valuable part of that experience. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from a treatment plan that includes a life skills training program in Ohio, call Vertava Health Ohio today at 844.954.1771.