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Substance use can wreak havoc on people’s physical and mental health. Their overall well-being suffers, so getting professional help and treatment from addiction therapy programs is vital to recovery. 

Many patients benefit from a variety of therapies during the course of treatment, from adventure and wilderness therapy to talk therapy and everything in between.

One of the most powerful and effective types of treatment is yoga therapy. There are many advantages that yoga provides to patients during recovery. If you or someone you know could benefit from a comprehensive treatment plan that includes a yoga therapy program in Ohio, reach out to Vertava Health Ohio now at 844.954.1771.

The Benefits of Yoga Therapy for Addiction Recovery in Ohio

Yoga has proven to be a good outlet for many patients as part of their addiction recovery treatment plans. Moreover, the practice can be a powerful tool for patients who find value in strengthening their bodies while focusing their minds inward and improving their overall well-being. 

Some of the many great reasons to participate in yoga therapy for addiction treatment in Ohio include:

  • yoga therapy program ohioIncreased self-awareness
  • Improved sleep
  • Natural, effective pain management
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Improved physical and mental health

While this is just a partial list of the potential benefits that a yoga therapy program in Ohio can provide, it’s important to note that there are others. In fact, the value that each patient finds will depend on many personal factors that are unique to them.

Increased Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is critical for every patient going through recovery from a substance use disorder. Yoga involves the practice of achieving better self-awareness, which includes altering perceptions about a variety of things. 

Our yoga therapy for addiction recovery in Ohio helps patients on their journey to improving how they identify and deal with triggers and stressors. 

Improved Sleep

The importance of getting enough quality sleep during recovery cannot be overstated. This can be especially true in the early stages of recovery as patients go through withdrawal and their bodies adjust to living without the substance they’d gotten used to. 

Good sleep is vital for the mind and the body. Therefore, it’s a time for the brain to rest and recover from the day and for the body to rejuvenate through the night, improving overall health. Studies show that yoga can improve a patient’s overall quality of sleep.

Natural, Effective Pain Management

Managing and relieving pain is essential, and our yoga therapy for addiction treatment in Ohio can help. However, for some patients who experience a variety of types of pain, painkillers are not a viable remedy. 

Yoga can help increase blood and oxygen flow to all parts of the body, which can help with arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Recovery from substance use can be stressful. As a result, many patients find that a yoga therapy program in Ohio helps soothe their nerves and lower their anxiety and stress levels. The slow, thoughtful, dedicated yoga movements help the body and mind unwind and be at ease. In turn, this helps patients focus on and effectively engage in treatment.

Improved Physical and Mental Health

Yoga can help patients physically heal from years of substance use. This includes improving respiratory health, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, coordination, and more. In addition, yoga has been found to help improve focus and mental clarity. This is due to the fact that it enhances a patient’s sense of connection and union with the world.

Discover Yoga Therapy for Recovery with Vertava Health Ohio

Yoga is an excellent, evidence-based treatment modality that can provide wonderful benefits to our patients recovering from substance use disorders. To learn more about how our yoga therapy program in Ohio can help you or a loved one, contact our friendly team at Vertava Health Ohio at 844.954.1771.