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Ativan Addiction

A doctor and a patient discuss Ativan addiction

Ativan is a popular anxiety medication, but it also has a high potential for abuse. When Ativan use turns into Ativan addiction, a benzo addiction treatment program can help set you on the road to recovery.

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What Is Ativan?

Ativan is a brand name for the benzodiazepine lorazepam. Doctors commonly prescribe it to treat anxiety and panic attacks. It’s also effective for insomnia, seizures, and spasms.

Ativan is intended for short-term use and shouldn’t be taken as a prescription medication for longer than four weeks.

Like all benzos, Ativan impacts the central nervous system. It works by increasing a brain chemical called GABA. When more GABA is produced in the brain, a person experiences a calming, tranquilizing effect.

Is Ativan Addictive?

Yes, Ativan has a high potential for abuse and addiction. Benzos, in general, are a commonly abused category of drugs, and Ativan is one of the most popular.

The calming sensations Ativan produces can be highly addictive, especially for individuals who begin taking it for relief from mental health concerns like severe anxiety.

It’s possible for an Ativan addiction to begin with a doctor’s prescription. However, benzos are easily accessible for illegal purchases.

Long-term Ativan abuse is dangerous for physical, mental, and emotional health. At all times, only take Ativan according to a doctor’s instructions.

Signs of Ativan Abuse

Ativan addiction requires the help of behavioral health professionals to overcome. If you or a loved one is taking Ativan, it’s important to know the signs of Ativan addiction and ask for professional help if they’re present.

A key sign of Ativan addiction is the use of Ativan in any way other than as advised by a doctor. This includes taking Ativan for recreational purposes or taking it to ease anxiety, sleeplessness, or for other health reasons without a prescription. Taking any drug without a prescription is referred to as “self-medicating,” and it can quickly lead to addiction.

Other signs of Ativan addiction include taking a valid prescription but not following the instructions. This includes increasing the dosage or frequency, mixing it with other substances, or altering the method of use. Common methods of use include crushing and snorting pills rather than swallowing them.

Ativan abuse side effects can include:

  • Confusion
  • Issues with memory or focus
  • Fatigue
  • Increased anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Abdominal bleeding
  • Kidney problems

One common practice is to mix Ativan with alcohol, which can increase the euphoric sensation. This is highly dangerous and often leads to blackouts, heavily impaired judgment, and the risk of overdose.

Addiction is complex, and recovery from Ativan addiction involves more than simply stopping use. A treatment program will provide support for underlying concerns, like anxiety, and offer solutions for long-term healing and wellness.

Vertava Health Ohio Treats Ativan Addiction

Addiction to a benzo like Ativan takes a serious toll. The Ativan abuse side effects alone are enough to bring significant consequences for physical health.

Beyond Ativan’s dangerous effects, addiction leaves you living a life consumed with getting and taking more drugs. The experiences that make life worth living become overshadowed by the inner need to keep taking more of the substance you’re addicted to.

Vertava Health Ohio helps patients put a stop to addictive behaviors and reclaim their lives. We offer detox and inpatient treatment designed to help you understand the factors in your life that have led to addiction and create a plan for lasting change.

Reclaim your life today. Call 844.954.1771 to learn more about Ativan addiction treatment at Vertava Health Ohio.