Getting help for a substance abuse problem can be intimidating. The idea of always being surrounded by others during the recovery process may be overwhelming for some people. Having the ability to choose a private room during treatment can be a big relief for those looking for their own space.

door to private rehab room

Private Rehab Room Benefits for Recovery

While shared living space may be able to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation,1 it may not be for everyone. There are some potential benefits of private rooms in rehab, and depending on the person, a single room may be a better option.

Home Away from Home

Rehab can feel like a foreign place when you are sharing a room with a stranger. Especially if you are far from home and prone to homesickness, one of the benefits of rehab centers with private rooms is that you can make your room a home away from home. Single rooms allow people to add personal touches to make the space their own during their addiction treatment.

No Roommate Problems

Although building a sense of community among patients is an important part of the recovery process, not everyone is compatible when it comes to living arrangements. Having a roommate means opening yourself up to their way of living including possibly annoying habits or incompatible routines. A benefit of a single rehab room is that you can avoid these potential problems.


Especially for those who are in the spotlight, a little bit of added privacy can go a long way. Single rooms allow high-profile and well-known individuals to get the privacy they may lack in their regular lives as they work through the recovery process. It also gives the individual time to themself without worrying about the attention being on them.

Ability to Recharge

Recovery is already an emotionally draining process, but for introverts especially, being surrounded by people all day may leave them feeling exhausted. With one-on-one sessions with their therapist and addiction group therapies all day, there is not a lot of time to be alone. Private rooms allow patients to retire to their own space so they can collect themselves and recharge after a stressful day.

At Vertava Health Ohio, we are now offering private room options at our inpatient rehab in Sherrodsville, Ohio. This way patients wanting their own space can enjoy the added benefits of private rooms in rehab during the treatment process.

Those looking to join our program and begin their journey to recovery, can contact us today to learn more.