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What Does Rehab for Pregnant Women Look Like?

what does rehab for pregnant women look like

Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are very harmful—there is really no debate about that. For pregnant women, all of these substances are especially adverse. Any substance used by the pregnant woman can cross into the baby’s bloodstream, exposing the fetus to potentially dangerous substances. 

As a result, these babies are sometimes born with birth defects or a dependency on the substances used. Naturally, this leads to the question, “What does rehab for pregnant women look like?”

At Vertava Health Ohio, we know it can be helpful to understand how rehab works for pregnant women and what a pregnant woman may expect from her program. If you’re curious about rehab programs for pregnant women in Ohio, give us a call at 844.954.1771 today. 

Evidence-Based Treatment

Because drug and alcohol use is especially dangerous for a pregnant woman and her fetus, experimental treatments are not appropriate. Instead, we recommend that soon-to-be mothers invest in treatment plans based on evidence. 

Of course, every pregnant woman will have needs unique to her situation. So you might ask, “What does rehab for pregnant mothers look like for me?” 

We can’t speak to the specifics of your scenario until we have performed a clinical assessment. However, there are proven treatment components that the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends. Here are a few evidence-based treatment types that are extremely helpful for pregnant women:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Counseling

Each of these programs will allow a pregnant woman to set and reach her rehab goals. Any traumas or circumstances contributing to substance use disorder will also be addressed. Behavioral therapy is especially effective because it helps the pregnant woman establish and incorporate a positive mindset.

Medication-Based Treatment

So, how does addiction treatment work for pregnant women? In certain circumstances, medication-based treatments may be appropriate. If the woman is physically dependent on a substance, medication can help to reduce and manage withdrawal symptoms. 

After the pregnant woman has completed detoxification, she may need ongoing medical treatment. This is known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). There are no medications approved by the FDA to specifically treat addictions in pregnant women. However, certain medications do improve the possible outcomes of opioid use for these women.

Daily Monitoring and Support

Let’s dive deeper into the question of “what does rehab for pregnant women look like?” Whether a pregnant woman requires MAT or not, it is appropriate that she undergo daily monitoring and access to medical support. The risk of relapse is high, but working closely with physicians will definitely reduce that risk.

Daily monitoring allows the pregnant woman to keep herself and her unborn child as healthy as possible. It also helps to promote healthy behavior even after the baby is born.

Treatment for Pregnant Women with Co-Occurring Disorders

Unfortunately, some pregnant women experience dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders. In some cases, this means that a woman has a substance use problem in addition to a mental health disorder.

The good news is that there are rehab programs for pregnant women in Ohio who are experiencing co-occurring disorders. At Vertava Health Ohio, we can perform full clinical assessments to determine your specific needs so that we can recommend the best treatments for a woman who is facing challenging circumstances like these. 

Explore Rehab for Pregnant Women at Vertava Health Ohio

If you’re still asking the question, “How does addiction treatment work for pregnant women?” simply give us a call at 844.954.1771 or use the convenient online form to reach out. The compassionate professionals at Vertava Health Ohio will perform a full clinical assessment so that we can answer your questions and best address your needs as a pregnant mother.