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Alignright Wp Image 3482 Size MediumAddiction can result from the use of almost any substance. As a result, an effective treatment program must include specialized programs for the effects of each particular substance. At Vertava Health Ohio, our substance abuse treatment programs in Ohio give people the support and healing they need to succeed in their recovery.

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Vertava Health’s Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Ohio

Our Vertava Health Ohio team takes pride in the number of addiction treatment programs that we provide. Our program was created to help people overcome their substance abuse in Ohio. We are committed to providing high-quality treatment for substance abuse for people who are ready to leave addiction behind.

Our substance abuse treatment program in Ohio can treat addiction to:

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

Our Vertava Health substance abuse treatment programs in Ohio emphasize therapy sessions as an essential component of recovery. We recognize that providing a range of therapeutic approaches helps people to heal the underlying causes of substance use, such as mental health disorders or trauma. Our team will work with you to determine which of our therapy programs would be best for your treatment plan.

Our addiction therapy programs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – During the course of CBT, your therapists will help you to recognize any unhealthy attitudes, situations, people, or environments to which you might be subjecting yourself. Some of these might be things that trigger a drug or alcohol craving. Your therapist may also help you anticipate circumstances that could arise in the future that might cause stress, temptation, or relapse. They will help you to garner strength, courage, and self-knowledge so that you can set and maintain boundaries to protect yourself from these things both now and in the future while creating an environment that can help to protect you against the threat of relapse.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – Dialectical behavior therapy focuses on balancing acceptance and change. Acceptance refers mainly to accepting complex thoughts or emotions you’re having rather than trying to reframe or replace them with more positive counterparts. This step of acceptance in DBT can promote greater self-awareness and provide a more realistic framework for going on to change a person’s unhealthy or harmful patterns.
  • Family therapy and support – Family therapy and support are designed to create an encouraging and communicative shelter in which a person can recover from addiction. Family therapy and support programs help people create healthy relationships with their families. This helps to manage a variety of scenarios, including addiction in parents, children, spouses, and other members of the family. In some instances, it might be necessary to temporarily remove a person from this situation until it becomes a more informative and constructive atmosphere.

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