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Vertava Health also offers off-site outpatient treatment in Dublin, Ohio for continued care as well as alternative treatment options. Not far from Sherrodsville, this outpatient treatment center provides programs for those struggling with substance abuse, mental health troubles, or both. Because it is still a member of the Vertava Health family, our outpatient treatment programs also strive to meet the high standards you have come to expect with the Vertava Health name.

Recovery Support

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey and commitment. While inpatient care can be an important part of achieving long-term sobriety, people in recovery are often in need of continued support and guidance as they begin to reintegrate into their regular life.

To help with the transition, outpatient services for substance use disorders can offer patients flexible treatment options as they learn to navigate life in recovery and face relapse triggers outside of rehab. Outpatient care can also be an alternative treatment option for people who need less intensive treatment or are unable to realistically live on-site at rehab.

During their outpatient program, patients will follow an individualized treatment plan that will be adjusted accordingly to meet their changing needs throughout recovery. The curriculum will include several hours a week of programming in both group and individual settings. Group outpatient therapy helps to build a community of support among patients that they can come to rely on long after treatment is over. Individual outpatient treatment will include evidence-based treatment modalities with licensed professionals that promote relapse prevention. For those struggling with symptoms of a mental health condition, our staff will develop a co-occurring disorder treatment plan to help them address these symptoms in more detail.

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Outpatient Mental Health Programs

Along with offering outpatient substance abuse programs, our Ohio outpatient treatment includes programs for people needing help for their mental health, regardless of whether or not they struggle with substance abuse.

As an outpatient mental health clinic, people can come to us for various mental health challenges ranging from anxiety to major depressive disorder. With licensed and experienced clinicians, our staff will create a customized treatment plan that looks at the patient’s specific symptoms as well as potential causes. This complete view of their mental health allows us to take a comprehensive approach to outpatient care that promotes the patient’s overall wellbeing.

During their outpatient mental health program, patients will participate in several hours a week of programs and therapies with licensed professionals. This curriculum of care includes evidence-based practices and techniques to teach patients how to better cope with symptoms as well as work toward reducing the impact they have on their everyday lives. Patients will learn triggers that can lead to the onset of attacks or episodes as well as how to change how they approach situations to reduce symptoms. Depending on the needs of the patient, medication may be prescribed to help alleviate symptoms and aid in the recovery process.

Everyone deserves to be happy. If you or someone you love is struggling with poor mental health or substance abuse, stop waiting to get help. Our outpatient treatment in Ohio could be what you or your loved one needs to start working toward a better future.