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Paying for necessary health care services shouldn’t be your first concern, but understanding your health care coverage is a necessary step in seeking addiction treatment. Vertava Health Ohio is in-network with most major insurance providers, including America’s Choice. To learn more about your America’s Choice addiction treatment coverage and all of the insurances we accept, call Vertava Health Ohio today at 844.954.1771.

Paying for Rehab: America’s Choice Insurance

America's Choice rehab insurance coverageIf you are a customer of America’s Choice insurance, your insurance policy should pay for at least a portion of your addiction treatment services. Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2012, insurance companies have been mandated to provide some coverage for mental health services. Alcohol and substance use disorders are classified as mental health concerns, and treatment is covered under mental health services.

The amount of America’s Choice rehab insurance coverage you are eligible for varies. It depends on your individual policy, the state where you live, the recovery services you need, and other factors. Because we are in-network with America’s Choice, our patients receive the highest level of coverage available through their policy.

Vertava Health Ohio helps keep costs low by developing individualized treatment plans for each patient. With a customized plan, every patient receives all of the services they need and no unnecessary services that an insurance plan won’t approve.

The helpful team at Vertava Health Ohio can quickly verify your America’s Choice rehab insurance coverage before you enter treatment. This prevents any unwanted financial surprises and gives our patients the peace of mind of knowing what will be expected of them after treatment is completed.

Getting America’s Choice Addiction Treatment Coverage

If you are not already a customer of America’s Choice, choosing the company for your private provider may be an option. If a private insurance plan is currently out of your reach, you may be eligible to purchase a government-subsidized plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Marketplace enrollment is open every year from November 1 through January 31. Some special enrollment periods are available to those who qualify. Delaying treatment until you can secure insurance is not ideal, but any movement in the right direction is a good start.

No America’s Choice Rehab Insurance Coverage? Vertava Health Ohio Can Help

It’s estimated that only about 20% of the people who need addiction treatment receive care. Paying for rehab is an obstacle for many. Regardless of your insurance status, the friendly staff at Vertava Health Ohio can guide you through the payment process and assist you with finding other options. You might also consider:

  • Personal or medical loans
  • Scholarships and grants for addiction treatment, such as the 10,000 Beds scholarship
  • Federal assistance
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Employee assistance programs (EAPs)
  • Assistance from loved ones and crowdsourcing

Vertava Health Ohio also offers a sliding-scale fee option to help lower rehab costs for people with low income. We are committed to helping every individual who is ready to change their life and will do all we can to help patients find resources for payment. Talk with our experts. There may be more options available to you than you realize.

Find Personalized Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health Ohio

If you or a loved one is ready to take steps to reclaim their health, don’t let financial concerns stop you. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Vertava Health Ohio can verify your coverage instantly. As a result, you’ll know what to expect before treatment begins.

When paying for rehab, America’s Choice insurance is a smart choice for those with coverage. Call Vertava Health Ohio at 844.954.1771 for more information about insurance coverage and learn about all of our treatment programs.