BCBS OH Rehab Insurance Coverage

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Finding an addiction rehab center that accepts insurance makes it much easier for people with substance use disorders or their family members to get the treatment they need. Keep in mind that Vertava Health Ohio is in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many other major insurance providers. Contact Vertava Health Ohio today at 844.954.1771 for a complete list of insurances we accept.

BCBS OH Rehab Insurance Coverage

BCBS OH rehab insurance coverageMaking the decision to get treatment for a substance or alcohol use disorder isn’t easy. In addition to all the emotional, physical, and mental health concerns surrounding addiction, people ready to address their addiction issues must also figure out how to pay for the medical treatments they need.

Some of the treatment options we offer at Vertava Health Ohio are:

  • Medically supervised detoxification
  • Care for co-occurring disorders
  • Individualized counseling
  • Options for long-term recovery treatment

Meeting Patients’ Unique Needs

Each Vertava Health Ohio patient receives a customized plan to meet their recovery needs. Some patients require more services, and some can succeed with less. Our individualized approach ensures that our patients receive and pay for the services that are appropriate for their needs. If you’re worried about paying for rehab, BCBS insurance coverage can help.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the largest insurance providers in the country. They are accepted at many addiction rehab centers, including Vertava Health Ohio. Exactly what your BCBS OH addiction treatment coverage is depends on your specific policy.

If you’re uncertain about your BCBS OH addiction treatment coverage, our friendly team will be happy to help you verify your coverage and understand which costs you will be personally responsible for.

Don’t Have BCBS OH Addiction Treatment Coverage? Let Us Help with Other Options 

BCBS OH insurance is only one of many options available at Vertava Health Ohio when paying for rehab. We realize that not every patient will have Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab insurance coverage and may not have any type of private health care insurance.

Financing your treatment through Vertava Health Ohio may be an option. Our financing program is designed to help people who may not have the best credit rating. Financing with us may even help improve your credit rating. Our team can answer all of your questions about our financing program.

Other payment options besides BCBS OH addiction treatment coverage include:

  • Asking family and friends for help – crowdsourcing
  • State and local government programs
  • Private funding – IRA, 401(k), home equity loan, or personal savings
  • Grants and scholarships, such as the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • Medicare – available to people over 65 and those who have disabilities
  • Medicaid – available to people over 65, under 19, and lower income earners

You may also qualify to receive subsidized insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment begins on November 1 of every year, and special enrollment periods may be available to those who qualify.

Finding the resources to pay for rehab may seem like a huge undertaking if you don’t have adequate BCBS OH rehab insurance coverage or supplemental coverage from other sources. However, don’t let worries about payment discourage you. Think of all of the time and energy you have put into finding resources to support your addiction over the years.

Paying for treatment at Vertava Health Ohio is an investment in your health and future well-being. For many people suffering from addiction, treatment is a life-saving experience worth more than money can buy.

Have Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Insurance Coverage? Vertava Health Ohio Is Here to Help

It’s the nature of addiction to say, “I can’t.” You can’t stop using drugs or alcohol. You can’t change your future. You can’t afford treatment. The compassionate team at Vertava Health Ohio is here to say you can do all of those things with the right support. Contact us today at 844.954.1771 to learn more about our treatment programs and payment options.