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Insurance concerns shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the substance use treatment you need. At Vertava Health Ohio, Ohio Health Choice is one of the many insurances we accept

Vertava Health Ohio can answer your questions about using your Ohio Health Choice rehab insurance coverage to pay for substance use treatment. 

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Paying for Rehab With Ohio Health Choice Insurance ohio health choice rehab insurance coverage

Substance use is a serious medical issue, and most insurance policies provide some form of coverage for substance use treatment.  

You might find yourself searching the internet for “paying for rehab Ohio Health Choice insurance.” Fortunately, finding answers is easy with the help of the staff at Vertava Health Ohio. 

Understanding how your Ohio Health Choice addiction treatment coverage works for you can be one of the most confusing aspects of looking for a substance use treatment program. 

When it comes to substance use treatment, you need to consider both your provider and the specific plan you carry under Ohio Health Choice. In fact, the level of coverage you qualify for can be limited to certain types of treatment or a specific number of days. 

Substance use treatment is not the same for every person. Therefore, extending coverage to last for the duration of a program can depend on your particular needs and your progress as reported to your insurance company by doctors and other behavioral health specialists. 

Does Vertava Health Ohio Accept Ohio Health Choice Rehab Insurance Coverage?

Ohio Health Choice insurance offers coverage options that include the services of an adult behavioral health center like Vertava Health Ohio. Ohio Health Choice also covers outpatient adult substance abuse services. 

The experienced substance use professionals at Vertava Health Ohio can determine which treatment program is right for you. In addition, they can help with how to pay for treatment using your Ohio Health Choice addiction treatment coverage. 

Vertava Health Ohio has friendly, professional staff members ready to answer all of your insurance-related questions. You can also visit the Vertava Health Ohio website and complete an insurance verification form to get answers about which services at Vertava Health Ohio your Ohio Health Choice plan covers. 

What Type of Programs Can Be Covered?

Typically, a treatment plan will include inpatient and outpatient services. An inpatient program will begin with a medically supervised detox. In fact, inpatient programs can vary in length. At Vertava Health Ohio, the standard inpatient treatment program runs 28–34 days. 

Vertava Health Ohio also offers long-term treatment options. These programs can range in length from 60 days up to a year. In fact, a long-term program helps set a solid foundation for a substance-free lifestyle. 

Vertava Health Ohio has additional programs with a specific focus. The medical professionals at Vertava Health Ohio will figure out which program is right for you. 

Targeted programs include: 

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment
  • Heroin and opioid treatment
  • Ohio programs for pregnant women

These programs feature a combination of different therapies to maximize a patient’s chances for long-term recovery. 

Inpatient stays  typically follow an outpatient program, which provides crucial support and guidance for remaining substance-free once an inpatient stay ends. Outpatient programs are also available when an inpatient program has not been completed. 

Get Help Paying for Rehab Today at Vertava Health Ohio

The choice to enroll in a substance use program can bring anxiety and uncertainty, but it’s a choice that can forever change your life for the better. When you commit to starting a substance-free life, the last thing on your mind should be concerns about how to pay for your treatment. 

Ohio Health Choice rehab insurance coverage allows patients to focus on health and healing, free from financial worry. Are you uncertain about your insurance coverage? If so, a staff member at Vertava Health Ohio can help you understand the treatment options available to you. 

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