When you’re involved in an addiction treatment program, different forms of support can improve your chances of making a full recovery. One of the most effective forms of support is family support. Here is how family support is used to improve outcomes at Vertava Health Ohio.

Understanding Family Support

Programs that use family support and involvement are designed specifically to encourage positive interactions between addiction treatment patients and their family members.

When actively participating in your treatment plan, family members can have a profound impact on your ability to succeed. Examples of family involvement at Vertava Health Ohio include family therapy sessions, visits, and collaboration with our treatment team to establish ongoing care.

Family Support At Vertava Health Ohio

At Vertava Health Ohio, we understand the importance of family support and involvement in the addiction treatment process. Whenever possible and appropriate, we include individual family therapy sessions in your treatment plan.

During these sessions, you and your family members will spend time talking with the help of a licensed therapist. Our therapist will be present to facilitate positive interactions and constructive conversation.

The goal of family involvement in your addiction treatment is to educate your family members about addiction in general, collaborate with them to create a better treatment plan, and involve them in continuing care after you leave the facility.

The Benefits Of Family Support

Family support can be useful in the addiction treatment process in several ways. Some of the positive effects of family support include:

You Know You Aren’t Alone

Addiction recovery can be a lonely process, especially in the beginning. Support from family members lets you know you aren’t going through this time in your life on your own.

Because you feel loved and supported, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook and be successful as you move through your addiction treatment program.

Treatment Professionals Have More Insight Into Your Addiction

Every individual’s journey with addiction is different. When your family members work with our treatment team, we’ll have more information and insight into the specifics of your individual struggle with substance abuse.

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This allows us to create a more effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Family Relationships Are Repaired

Addiction often affects family relationships in a negative way. Before seeking treatment for addiction, you may have engaged in destructive behaviors that were harmful to your relationships with your parents, siblings, children or other family members.

In many cases, these relationships will take time and effort to repair. Family support activities give you a chance to speak honestly and openly with your family members and work to resolve the issues that may be complicating your relationships.

The Aftercare Process Is Easier

After your treatment program is complete, you’ll return to your normal life. During this time, you’ll likely participate in aftercare. Family support during aftercare can make it easier for you to maintain your sobriety.

Your family members will be able to help you stay accountable and avoid situations that can make it more likely for you to relapse. If you’re struggling in the aftercare process, your family members can help you get the assistance you need to stay on the right path.

We Can Help You And Your Family

Going through the addiction treatment process can be difficult, but involving your family can help. Not only does family support and involvement make the process easier for you, but it can also be a positive experience for family members who have been affected by your addiction.

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