Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs for Pregnant Women

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Alignright Wp Image 3456 Size MediumPregnancy can be both a beautiful and complicated time for women and their families. Health risks are increased, but the impending joy of having a child is near at hand. For women who struggle with substance use or addiction, though, this time in their life can be complicated by more than the average pregnancy concerns.

Fortunately, there are now many drug and alcohol rehab programs for pregnant women in Ohio in place, with a new one right here at Vertava Health Ohio. Our addiction treatment program is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their unborn children, with components which address the unique needs of these women.

Specialized Care For Pregnant Women

Evidence-Based Treatments and Therapy

While pregnant women do have unique needs in addiction treatment, a few tried-and-true methods can help pregnant women overcome addiction issues long-term. These include: counseling, group and/or individual therapy and behavioral therapy.


Counseling allows the pregnant woman to work closely with a treatment specialist to establish recovery goals and to assess ongoing recovery progress, as well as work through certain issues which contribute to or lead to substance use.

Group Therapy

Group therapy helps connect pregnant women in treatment with others who are also in recovery. In the Vertava Health Ohio treatment program, pregnant women will be connected to other women who are undergoing issues similar to their own, promoting a sense of community and support.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows pregnant women to work through struggles which may trigger substance use or lead to relapse and can help address past trauma, stressors and more which affect addiction.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy, such as the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) offered at Vertava Health Ohio, helps individuals work through destructive behavior and establish positive mindsets to incorporate new behavioral habits and thought processes.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Pregnant Women

Due to physical dependence, pregnant women may need medication-assisted treatment, especially those who are dependent on prescription opioids or heroin. Many people need medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, but some also need ongoing medication management known as MAT.

Medication-assisted treatment combines medication management with evidence-based therapies and 24/7 medical support to aid in recovery and help avoid relapse. Pregnant women addicted to opioids may need to taper off the use of them, and MAT allows them to do so in a supported environment and within a timeline that is right for them.

Continuous Medical Supervision Throughout Rehab

Pregnant women will need not only daily monitoring but also require constant, reliable access to medical support. Pregnant women, in general, must work in close confidence with physicians to ensure their own physical and psychological health and that of their unborn baby. But addicted pregnant women may also be facing other complications, such as the risk of relapse or treatment of additional substance use disorders or mental health disorders.

Through consistent and supportive medical supervision, pregnant women can ensure their own physical health as well as the health of the child. Remaining in good health during her pregnancy not only allows the expectant mother to focus on and engage with treatment, but lays the groundwork for healthy behavior in the future.

Medically Supervised Detox For Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant women who have become dependent on drugs will need to detoxify their bodies prior to treatment. For some, this process may require medication and will certainly require constant medical monitoring.

The drug and alcohol rehab program for pregnant women at Vertava Health Ohio incorporates medically supervised detox when needed. Pregnant women can enter the program and receive ongoing medical support, medication if necessary, such as buprenorphine (Suboxone), nutritional support and preparation for inpatient treatment which begins immediately after completing detox.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women in addiction treatment may come to treatment with other illnesses or conditions, which can include co-occurring disorders (also called a dual diagnosis). A pregnant woman who has a co-occurring disorder struggles with both addiction or substance use and a mental health disorder.

Treating co-occurring disorders can present additional complications, as identifying and properly addressing both disorders is key to recovery success. At Vertava Health Ohio, our treatment specialists will provide full clinical assessments for each patient to determine all treatment needs and treat them accordingly.

Other Addiction Treatment Components For Pregnant Women

Near the end of inpatient treatment, it’s important that pregnant women have a plan in place, both for continued care for their health and pregnancy and for recovery. Addiction often leads to relapse for those newly in recovery. Much of inpatient treatment helps individuals prepare the skills and tools necessary to confront relapse if and when it happens.

To combat relapse, pregnant women should have access to aftercare, such as community support groups and local addiction treatment resources. Outpatient services and programs typically provide counseling and group therapy for continued care. Vertava Health Ohio provides resources for pregnant women for continued care, offers access to an alumni network and reaches out to program graduates to aid in a lasting recovery.

Addiction Rehab for Pregnant Women in Ohio

Pregnant women can experience any number of complications, risks and side effects due to substance use or addiction. That’s why it’s of utmost importance that pregnant women get into treatment as soon as possible—to give themselves and their unborn child the best chance at a lasting recovery.

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