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If you’re working toward addiction recovery, a variety of different therapies can be effective in helping you reach your goal. One such therapy is twelve-step facilitation.

Although the name is similar, twelve-step facilitation is not the same as a 12-step meeting. However, this type of therapy does encourage you to become involved in 12-step programs.

What Is Twelve-Step Facilitation?

Twelve-step facilitation is a therapeutic strategy that increases the likelihood you’ll become involved with 12-step programs, which helps to maintain sobriety.

This therapeutic approach is based on three main ideas:

1. Acceptance

Twelve-step facilitation seeks to help you realize that addiction is a disease that is long-lasting and will get worse over time. You must also realize that you cannot control the disease and that the disease has caused your life to become unmanageable.

In addition, you must accept the fact that you won’t be able to overcome the addiction with only willpower and that abstinence is the only option that will be effective.

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2. Surrender

The principle of surrender involves giving over control to a higher power. This principle also requires you to accept the support and friendship of other people who are recovering from addiction, as well as to complete all 12 steps of the standard 12-step program.

3. Active Involvement

The final principle of twelve-step facilitation therapy is active involvement in 12-step meetings and activities. This will be coordinated within your treatment plan at Vertava Health Ohio.

How Does Twelve-Step Facilitation Work?

The twelve-step program has long been recognized as an effective treatment for people with addictions to alcohol, and it is gaining more popularity as a treatment for addictions to opioids and other substances as well.

However, participating in the twelve-step program requires a great deal of self-motivation and dedication on your part.

Twelve-step facilitation works by supporting you as you pursue all of the activities required to complete the twelve-step program and participate in ongoing peer support.

The primary goal of twelve-step facilitation therapy is to make it easier for you to complete the twelve-step program, thus increasing the chances of a full recovery and ongoing abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Is Twelve-Step Facilitation Effective?

Twelve-step facilitation increases ongoing participating and active engagement in 12-step programs. In addition, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, research has shown that participating in a 12-step program is effective for recovering from alcohol addiction.

Research into the effectiveness of the 12-step program for other addictions is ongoing, but this approach to treatment is showing promise for other substance use disorders as well. Thus, twelve-step facilitation therapy may be a beneficial addition to treatment plans for many patients.

Can Twelve-Step Facilitation Be Used with Other Treatments?

Twelve-step facilitation can be used in conjunction with other approaches to addiction treatment.

Other therapies that may be used in combination with twelve-step facilitation include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, medication-assisted treatment, experiential therapies, and more.

At Vertava Health Ohio, we create customized treatment plans for patients in order to ensure that you have the best chance of making a full recovery. Keep in mind that the treatment plan recommended for you may not be the same as the plan recommended for someone else.

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